(used in monographs and videos)

Areas of Interest (AI) - locations marked out in the Terrain Analysis maps which are named to facilitate rapid and clear communication between team mates. They are also often either areas of tactical interest or no-go areas.

Artillery Resistant Position (ARP)
- locations on a map that, in some manner, afford some degree of protection from artillery. There is no such thing as an "artillery proof" position as the protection afforded by the position is dictated by the location of the enemy artillery. ARPs are often locations that afford protection assuming conventional placement of enemy arty in "best" or "logical" positions.

CAP - abbreviation for base capture.

Compression - a technique used to turn the defensive line during execution of Dynamic Defence.

Counter Artillery Manuevres (CAMs) - the continuous and random movement of a tank around a spot with the intent to reduce artillery accuracy. Typically used when you know you are lit up and not in an ARP. In talking with teammates, executing these manuevres can be referred to as "camming".

Defensive Zones (DZ) - locations on a map at which TACT doctrine dictates mandatory initial positioning of a tank.

- functional areas of battle that are demarcated in each battlefield map. In Random Battle Doctrine, the Fronts are further subdivided into the Primary Front (1F), Secondary Front (2F) and Defensive Fronts (DF).

Manuevre Tanks - refers to Light, Medium and Heavy tanks.

Orbat - ORder of BATtle. Otherwise known as the team roster or team list i.e. who is on the team.

Specialist Tanks - refers to Tank Destroyers (TD) and Self Propelled Guns (SPG or aka "arty")

TACT - abbreviation for website

(Areas of Interest (AI))

Castle - Erlenberg

FireBase Alpha (FBA) - Prokhorovka

Fool's Point - Himmelsdorf

Ghost Town - El Halluf

Giant's Fist - Artic Region

Hesitation Ridge - Lakeville

Iwo Jima - Redshire

Lonely Road - Sand River

Magic Forest - Murovanka

Sniper Knoll - Mines

Spider Junction - Murovanka

Suicide Ridge - Westfield

The Alamo - Redshire

The Corridor - Ensk

The Gully - Fishing Bay

The Nest - Mountain Pass

The Saddle - Cliff

The Yard - Ensk

The Wall - Himmelsdorf

Thieves Alley - Abbey

Trackside Gully - Prokhorovka

Two Huts - Erlenberg

Westgate - Siegfried Line