: (3) West, Centre, East

DZ : None

Firebase Alpha "FBA" - Useful in the support of the Eastern Front for Base II forces. It is important to regard this location as "useful" but not a "must take". The bulk of the Eastern Front should NOT scale the hill. They should advance on the village. A few tanks should take the firebase to support the advance. Should the Eastern front be the primary effort for the enemy, HOLDing action is better executed to the west of the tracks rather than on the Eastern Front itself. Knowing when to leave the firebase is essential to prevent isolation of tanks. You also cannot consistently stop cap at Base II from FBA due to the view range.

Trackside Gully - This area is part of the Central front but affords some protection to movement due to the railway tracks, unlike the gully nearer the western road. It can allow quick movement into enemy territory if poorly defended.

: Yes
Fast movement through the Trackside Gully may allow a wolf pack to attack the enemy rear and arty units. If heavy resistance is met, the wolf pack converts to become part of the Central Front effort.