: (4) West, Centre, Column, East

DZ 1: Strong point for Base I to defend the column.
DZ 2/3 : Important defensive points to prevent enemy forces from entering the bases from the rear/ flank.

The Wall - This terrain feature affords some protection to tanks on the Western Front and rapid deployment of forces there can aid to strengthen the Western effort. However, if the fighting moves away from the coverage afforded by this area, tanks must not overly covet this position as they then become isolated away from the fight and no longer contributing to the team effort. Hence, if the enemy lightly defends the West, then The Wall is only a transit point.

Fool's Point - Beginners often try to defend or stop a cap at Base II from this point. It is a poor location to try to do this as the field of view of the Base is extremely small. If a cap begins at Base II with reasonably fast tanks on the hill, then the tanks should immediately return to fight at the Base rather than try to stop the cap from Fool's Point, which will invariably fail.

Wolfpack: No