: (2) West and East

The Western Front is wide and includes the city area as well as the The Corridor and The Tracks. Battles in these areas tend to coalesce with opportunities for sudden flanking movements. Tanks in these areas can easily influence action in the other two areas. That is why there is no "Central" Front for tactically, action in these three areas should be viewed as a whole.

The Eastern Front includes The Yard.

DZ 1 and DZ 2: The two DZ overwatch The Tracks approach.
DZ 3,4,5 and 6: These four DZ overwatch key flanking axis in the city blocks. Control over these areas allows own forces to flank and penetrate the enemy rear.

The Corridor - This is the shortest and fastest route through he Western Front. If own forces are not PUSHing through this area, then tanks must be placed to defend against the enemy exploiting the area.

The Tracks - This AI affords some protection from the flanks during movement but is a death trap if the enemy has strong tanks over watching the area. It is best utilised towards the middle/end of the battle.

The Yard - Caution must be exercised if the main Eastern force is trying to PUSH through The Yard. Movement is slowed due to obstacles, walls and buildings. The force can also be flanked by the enemy on the plains. Thus is is NOT recommended that the main Eastern force go through The Yard. Small flanking actions however can be executed through this area, to support the forces on the plains.

Wolfpack: Yes
A wolf pack action down the tracks should be delayed until the middle of the battle, where it likely to have the most impact. An early run down The Tracks will often encounter too much resistance to be useful.