: (3) West, Centre, East

DZ 1: Strong overwatch over key areas in the Central Front as well as strong support to the Giant's Fist.
DZ 2: Increases the defensive gridlock over the Central Front and the Giant's Fist.

The DZs on this map are skewed towards the team starting on Base II. With strong tanks at both DZs, they can significantly hamper enemy movement in the Centre as well as support a quick wolf pack thrust up the Giant's Fist straight into the heart of Base I.

Giant's Fist - The Fist is a difficult piece of terrain for Base I to defend. There are no outstanding overwatch defensive positions in which to defend this area well. There are a few positions in the north which offer some defensive options. Base II should exploit this area as often as possible, sending scouts and wolf packs all the way to the enemy base. The Centre can overwatch the Fist so it is imperative that DZ1 is manned to harass enemy forces in the middle of the map.

Wolfpack: Yes, only for Base II
This map is unusual in that the wolf pack option exists only for Base II. If Base I attempts a wolf pack through the Giant's Fist, they will typically have to endure fire from DZ1, DZ2 and the Base II Eastern Front forces.