worldoftankstactics.com (TACT) is about strategy and tactics related to the World Of Tanks (WOT) online game by gaming.net. Whilst we understand the difference between strategy and tactic, we do not strictly maintain semantic discipline on this site when using the terms and tend to use both interchangeably. We strongly believe that by sharing our experiences and discoveries, we will ultimately contribute to and strengthen the WOT community.

There are several points worth mentioning upfront, to allow readers and viewers to better place our comments in context and to understand the culture and mindset of the worldoftankstactics.com team.

Firstly, the tactics discussed on this site are strictly related to the current and future mechanics of the game. It is not a discussion of real world tactics nor an assessment of game fidelity to WWII warfare. We make it a point not to say things like:

“The Sherman bounced 3 shots off the Tiger. This was how it was in WWII.”

If you do pick up such statements, made inadvertently in our monographs or videos, please let us know so that we can hog-tie the author to the barrel of his tank! Therefore, although we personally deeply respect tactical luminaries such as Guderian, Rommel and Patton, we do not intend to discuss their doctrine.

Secondly, it is important to appreciate that there is no such thing as a foolproof 100% solid gold tactic or strategy. Every maneuvre has a counter-maneuvre. Every perfect offense has a perfect defense. The principal guiding context is “conventional wisdom”. When we say a tactic is “good” or “correct”, it means that the odds of success are higher by doing it this way. Similarly, when we criticise an action or decision, we are not saying that it will never work. Warfare in this game is a dynamic combination of skill and luck. On occasion, we do see suspect strategies work due to good luck. Our views should not be taken as gospel truth but rather as another perspective that gamers can judge and use to develop their own tactical acumen.

Lastly, worldoftanks
tactics.com is not a newbie guide to the game controls or statistics. We are not a database of weapon statistics, presented in an encyclopedic fashion. We are first and foremost, a cauldron of critical analyses, for all playing levels, on tactics and strategies.

World Of Tanks is a game that should be played for fun. Yet, the inspiration for this site came about due to the amount of rage that we see in the game. Players insult each other for playing poorly and vent their frustrations on fourteen strangers from around the world. This site hopes to give all players insight into good tactics, common errors, bold play and exciting battles. In this way, we hope to play our role to help build a healthy and fun gaming environment.

When we commentate on the videos, we may be passionate about the good or bad tactics that we describe. This is never personally directed at any player. We will call the tactics as we see them. It is our humble opinion. It will never be an
ad hominem attack on the individual player. To this end, we often prefer to use footage from the TACT team but often, good lessons can be learnt from watching other players.

Ultimately, I take responsibility for all monographs and videos published on this site. Our little team comprises military, ex-military and non-military gamers, aged 20-45, all who essentially play this game for its superb entertainment value. We are not divine gods of war and consider ourselves merely average players who are prepared to share their lessons, both in ignominious defeat and in glorious victory.